Solar Power Systems for homes & caravans

Protective Energy Trading Est. designs systems of the systems of solar energy to ensure electricity to the house without need to the general electricity network. This system includes solar panels, charge controller, inverter, battery and wires.

To use the solar system you should provide the related information with the electrical devices ( numbers of devices, electrical power, and the usage hours). Do not hesitate to contact us for measurements in order to identify requirements and providing you solar system at the future.

Solar Water Pumps

Using Solar power for pumping underground water is one of the most important applications of Zayel Trading Est, within using the solar energy as an alternative energy due to the great achievements including saving economy for a long period and time. In addition to usage the solar power for pumping the water for daily usage in far houses for the services of municipality so pumping underground water has no competitive in economic for purpose to usage in agriculture, drinks, development the animal fortune, etc

The main character is the non need for consumption fuel (diesel or gas) whereas this way is expensive to farmers and pollute the environment. Also there is another advantage as the solar ray is free, and now the available sources and enough for great consumption with exceed than 200 m

Street Lights

Protective energy,. provides many projects across from different categories including tools and equipment of street lighting, roads and highways

Our system is operated at least three days and required connection with electrical network. The solar systems are characterized with conjunction with trading constructions and the non preceding quality, excellent performance, and provide the best trust which rely our experiences in this system and this supports best and high quality for works and activities

Street lights with solar system contain 5 main parts:

  • solar panel
  • led street light
  • controller
  • pole
  • chargeable battery
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